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Where we came from.

A few years ago a couple of us randomly decided to watch Nagisa Oshima's classic In the Realm of the Senses. If unfamiliar with the title it is essentially about a geisha and her master having an obsessive and eventually violent sexual relationship. It was very controversial when initially released in 1976. Do yourself a favor and seek it out. View the trailer here.

In any case the film is beautifully shot, but not exactly the kind you want to watch with friends over brunch. So that is exactly what we did. The accompanying meal was blueberry pancakes and mimosas to be precise.

This concept seemed funny to us. Juxtapose a lovely social activity like brunch with an objectively antisocial activity like viewing historically significant, but unsettling, cinema.

Hence, Uncomfortable Brunch™.


What the hell are we thinking?

After almost a year of experimenting with this concept at a home with friends we have found that this demands a larger, more diverse, audience.

Will's Pub in Orlando, FL (where we are located) seemed a natural choice after the changes they have undergone this year. They went non-smoking and obtained their liquor license. Their craft cocktail menu is outstanding and the owners are amazing (and they appreciate interesting films). We were able to come together and make this a monthly event to cater to the film fans of Orlando that might not be able to see these kinds of films in a setting other than their living room.

Being able to watch Irreversible or just about any Lars von Trier film in the privacy of your own home is fine. But real bravery and true grit is watching it with others and engaging in conversation afterward. Also, food and cocktails are involved, better to lubricate the experience.

Uncomfortable Brunch™ is for people who love and appreciate film and at least tolerate brunch. We also think it's great for people who love brunch and have only a passing interest in film, though your elderly relatives may disagree were you to spring it on them.

One Sunday a month it's a new film and a solid brunch menu. Join us for some glorious discomfort!


Don't be angry at us. We didn't make these films.

We're expecting mostly to get mild, middle of the road, disinterested feedback and to not hear at all from people who love this idea or think it's the worst thing to happen to humanity since Fat Man and Little Boy were dropped. So if you'd like to chat about the weather, youtube comments or submit cat photos, drop us a line below.

If you have questions about booking Uncomfortable Brunch™ at your venue or in your city let us know below.


The films may make you uncomfortable, but luckily we do comfort food for brunch. It won't exactly offset the effect of the content, but it'll come close.

Here's the rub: Uncomfortable Brunch™ is hosted at a bar, so made to order food isn't really an option. But we think the food is just as important as the film to keep things uncomfortable, so our goal is to have a rotating menu that can accommodate most diets and preferences.

*Click the image below to download the menu in PDF


Here's where you can tell us your dumb idea for a brunch.

Mostly, we know months in advance what films we're showing at Uncomfortable Brunch™. And while we do have access to Google and are perfectly capable of searching "Films you should only watch alone", if you think you have a good idea for an exhibition, let us know.

If you want to yell at us, or compliment us until we blush, don't do it here. Do it up there. Where it says Contact. That's where you can contact us.


Upcoming Uncomfortable Brunches™

NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated the doors for Uncomfortable Brunch™ open promptly at 12:00 PM EST with a half hour or so between food service and the start of the film.

2 April 2017 Irréversible

Written & Directed by Gaspar Noé Running time 97 min. Released on 22 May 2002

More about Irréversible.

Past Uncomfortable Brunches™

11 January 2015 HAPPINESS

Written & Directed by Todd Solondz Running time 139 min. Released on October 16, 1998

More about the Happiness.

8 February 2015 BLUE VALENTINE

Directed by Derek Cianfrance Written by Derek Cianfrance and Cami Delavigne & Joey Curtis Running time 112 min. Released on December 29, 2010

More about Blue Valentine.

1 March 2015 ENTER THE VOID

Written & Directed by Gaspar Noé Running time 154 min. Released on May 5, 2010

More about Enter The Void.

5 April 2015 (Easter Sunday, Folks!) SALO, OR THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM

Written & Directed by Pierre Paola Pasolini Running time 116 min. Released on November 22, 1975

More about Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom (Italy).

3 May 2015 WETLANDS

Directed by David Wendt Written by David Wendt and Claus Falkenberg Running time 109 min. Released on August 11, 2013

More about Wetlands (Germany).


Written & Directed by Lars Von Trier Running time 140 min. Released on May 17, 2000

More about Dancer in the Dark (Denmark).

5 July 2015 SHAME (USA)

Written & Directed by Steve McQueen Running time 101 min. Released on September 4, 2011

More about Shame (USA).

2 August 2015 MOEBIUS (South Korea)

Written & Directed by Kim Ki-duk Running time 90 min. Released on May 3, 2013

More about Mobeius (South Korea).

6 September 2015 THE HOLY MOUNTAIN

Written & Directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky Running time 115 min. Released on November 27, 1973

More about The Holy Mountain.


Written & Directed by John McNaughton Running time 85 min. Released on September 24, 1986

More about Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer.

1 November 2015 THE NIGHT PORTER

Written & Directed by Liliana Cavani Running time 118 min. Released on April 3, 1974

More about The Night Porter.

6 December 2015 SHORTBUS

Written & Directed by John Mitchell Cameron Running time 101 min. Released on October 13, 2006

More about Shortbus.

3 January 2016 BLUE VELVET

Written & Directed by David Lynch Running time 120 min. Released on September 12, 1986

More about Blue Velvet.

7 February 2016 PINK FLAMINGOS

Written & Directed by John Waters Running time 107 min. Released on March 17, 1972

More about Pink Flamingos.

6 March 2016 GUMMO

Written & Directed by Harmony Korine Running time 89 min. Released on July 17, 1997

More about Gummo.


Written & Directed by Todd Solondz Running time 87 min. Released on May 24, 1996

More about Welcome To The Dollhouse.


Directed by Felix Van Groeningen Written by Johan Heldenbergh and Mieke Dobbels Running time 111 min. Released on 10 October 2012

More about The Broken Circle Breakdown.


Written & Directed by Lars von Trier Running time 158 min. Released on 18 May 1996

More about Breaking The Waves.

3 July 2016 BOYS DON'T CRY

Written & Directed by Kimberly Peirce Running time 118 min. Released on October 8, 1999

More about Boys Don't Cry.

7 August 2016 VISITOR Q

Written & Directed by Takashi Miike Running time 84 min. Released on 17 March 2001

More about Visitor Q.

4 September 2016 FUNNY GAMES

Written & Directed by Michael Haneke Running time 109 min. Released on 14 May 1997

More about Funny Games.

9 October 2016 ANTICHRIST

Written & Directed by Lars Von Trier Running time 108 min. Released on 10 September 2009

More about Antichrist.


Written & Directed by Greta Gerwig & Joe Swanberg. Running time 80 min. Released on October 10, 2008

More about Nights And Weekends.


Some (twisted) people think Uncomfortable Brunch™ is a really good idea.

Mostly they're people living in their parent's basements and leaving comments on Facebook. But every once in a blue moon they're people living in their parent's basements who also happen to make a living as a writer. In all seriousness, we've received some really nice write ups around town. Below you can find a few of them.

If you or your publication would like to spotlight Uncomfortable Brunch™, please feel free to reach out to us via the Contact section.